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Underwater Light Options

Be sure to use the drop down menu to select your water activated underwater halibut fishing lights

We offer AA model Trophy Torches or water activated Diamond Lights in UV or White


These items sold separately would normally cost $125.30 including shipping. That's a savings of $25.35

The Z2 Super Combo is a great deal

You can also choose one of the other combos below

$99.00 plus shipping calculated during check out

Halibut Fishing Z2 Squid Super Combo (Good for 1 to 4 anglers!)

Everything you'll need to catch lots of halibut.

4 UV Spreader Bars

4 Z2 Squids (Glow, White, UV, Pink/Glow)

4 Underwater Lights (You Choose)

12 pack Large Glow Beads, 3 corkscrew swivels, 6 feet tuna cord

Super Scent Paste, 2 halibut clips


Underwater Light Options

Be sure to use the drop down menu to select your water activated underwater halibut fishing lights

We offer AA model Trophy Torches or water activated Diamond Lights in UV or White





This Package includes four Octo Squid Leaders with Mustad 16/0 circle hooks. these rigs have a 7.5 inch double skirt upside down to make this the most alluring and attractive leader for halibut. Add bait to hook for best results 1 Glow/White, 1 Pink/Glow, 1 Glow/Prawn, 1 Green Ghost. These leaders all have a scent tube to add your favorite scent.

$99.00 plus shipping calculated during check out

Halibut Fishing Brite Bite Leader Super Combo (Good for 1 to 4 anglers!)

Everything you'll need to catch lots of halibut.

4 UV Spreader Bars

4 Brite Bite 16/0 Circle Hook Halibut Leaders

4 Underwater Lights (You Choose)

12 pack Large Glow Beads, 3 corkscrew swivels

Super Scent Paste, 2 halibut clips 

Be sure to add bait to the circle hook for best results



     $11.95 Fully Rigged

Includes two pack of size 50 green chemical light sticks


10 inch FAT Squids are absolutely awesome halibut lures. They come with 10/0 stainless steel J hooks, have a yarn ball above the hook for scent and a special "light hole" for the included chemical light stick.  They also have a built in rattle and come in several colors including

They are rigged with 350 stainless rope with a heavy duty split ring to enable hook changes

Glow, Glow/Pink, UV, Natural & White UV



$1.49 each

Size 50 mm light sticks come in two packs in either Green, Blue or Yellow color.

Size 75mm Single Packs of "Super Bright" light sticks

These light sticks can be used in the 10 inch FAT Squid or on your leader. Each pack comes with a clear tube to slip over your leader to hold the light stick in place. Once activated by bending them, last 24 hours


$1.49 each


  $7.50 each

Fully Rigged 7.5 inch FAT Squid shipping calculated during check out


7.5 inch Fully Rigged FAT Squids come rigged with #350 pound stainless steel cable, swivel, 9/0 stainless J hook, rattle, scent ball, light hole and two pack of chem lights

 Glow           UV        White UV          Natural



$1.49 per two pack

Size 39mm light sticks fit perfectly inside the 7.5 inch Fully Rigged FAT Squid. They last approximately 24 hours and will light up the squid from the inside out to make it look just like an alive squid. Real squids are "bioluminescent" which means they change color and radiate different light patterns.

You can also jam a size 50mm light stick in the squid for a brighter effect. After each day's use, remove the light stick to prevent staining of the squid.



$3.50 each includes 2 pack lights

5 inch mini FAT Squids catch everything, including halibut. they come un-rigged but can be rigged with a single or double hook. They also come with a special "Light Hole" for a size 25mm light stick. When used with the light stick they are bright and attract every fish in the area. Each 5-inch mini FAT Squid comes with a two pack of 25mm light sticks. They come in several colors, including, Glow, Glow/Pink, Glow/Blue, Glow/Green, UV, White, White/Green, White/Blue.  $3.50 each


$7.95 each

SquidPro Tackle metal spreader bars have glow or UV tubing over the stainless steel bar to make them "Hi Vis."

The also have high quality corkscrew swivels to make leader and lead change outs quick, easy and efficient.

These spreader bars work great with FAT Squids, Z2 Squids, Squiddy Squids & Brite Bite Octo Squid Leaders



$7.95 each, Fully Rigged

Z2 Super Squids are 9-inches long, come rigged with #350 pound stainless rope with a 9/0 stainless J hook. They also have a scent ball above the hook.

Z2 Squids catch halibut, lingcod, rockfish, tuna and many other big game fish including sailfish and marlin

Insert an optional light stick to make the shine bright


$5.95 Un-Rigged Z2 Squids

Un-Rigged 9-inch Z2 Super Squids

These quality artificial squids allow the angler to make their own leader. Each squid has an inner soft plug that can be removed to let the squid either be hollow or solid, depending on how you wish to rig the Z2 Super Squid. Anglers can make their own leader for these squids with heavy 120 to 500 pound mono or stiff 250 to 350 pound tuna cord. SquidPro Tackle's custom FAT Squid & Z2 Super Squid Leader comes with a 6/0 swivel & corkscrew swivel.

$5.95 each

$6.95 each with two 2-packs of 39mm light sticks

Squiddy Squids come in three colors

Glow, UV & White Comes with two 2-packs of 39 mm light

Squiddy Squids are fully rigged with dual J hooks on #120 pound monofilament and are soft, hollow bodied. They are 6 inches in length and offer an inexpensive option for anglers fishing for halibut, lingcod, rockfish and other sport fish.

Mix & Match Colors


Twin Packs $19.95

            LED 3 Times Brighter

Trophy Torch LED underwater fishing lights use a standard AA battery and stay bright for 24 to 48 hours, depending on water temperature. These lights are a favorite among halibut anglers. They will light up the area, including your bait and lure to "spotlight" your offering. They are good to 1,500 feet


      $8.95 each

                                              Button battery-powered Diamond Light UV LED. This water-activated underwater fishing light is very small, just 1.5 inches x 1 inch. This light lasts for approximately 250 hours. This small light can be added to any lure or rigging and puts out a fish-attracting UV light. Depth rating: 1,200 feet


  $5.00 each

SquidPro Tackle water-activated "Tail Lights" are made of thick metal and enable "in-line" use with either heavy monofilament, tuna cord, split rings or siwash J hook crimped onto the light. These LED lights blink and attract fish from great distances. Excellent when put inside Z2 Squids or Squiddy Squids
Paste or Oil Option

   $7.50 each

John Beath's Super Scent

Super Scent has the very best halibut bait ingredients including: Herring, Squid, Shrimp, Salmon, Crab & Octopus. Super Scent oil comes in a 4 ounce bottle of oil. The oil can be used on all bait or lures; the paste works well on artificial lures like jigs, spoons, squids & skirts.


Z2 Super Squid Fully Rigged Spreader Bars

Fully Rigged Spreader Bars

Brite Bite Octo Squid Leaders Fully Rigged Spreader Bars
Z2 Squid Colors
Light & Spreader Options
$25.95 each
10-inch FAT Squid Colors
Light & Spreader Options
$29.95 each
Octo Squid Leader Colors
Light & Spreader Options
$27.95 each

$5.00 Per 3 pack of scent tubes

Tubes have inline leader holes. Add sponge & scent

Fully Rigged Spreader Bar with 7.5 inch FAT Squid

7.5-inch FAT Squid Colors
Light & Spreader Options
$25.95 each

$5.00 Per 3 pack of scent tubes

These tubes go inline with your leader. They have pre-drilled holes on top and bottom of tube. Add sponge and your favorite scent



$14.95 each

Z2 Squid Leaders

These 24 inch leaders have 500 pound mono and have 16/0 Mustad circle hooks.

Anglers can simply clip these leaders to a spreader bar sold above, or clip directly to their mainline clip or corkscrew swivel. Then add the lead and send it to the bottom. Once on bottom, lift the leader off bottom approximately three to four feet. Gently jig up and down or let the waves do the work.

Always add fresh bait to the circle hook for best results. Once the halibut bites the leader, wait until the rod bends downward, then begin to reel slowly, never jerk with a circle hook.




Slider Leaders are simple to use. Add weight on the sliding corkscrew, add bait to hook and lower to bottom, then raise off bottom 3 to 4 feet. The upside down skirt hangs above the hook and teases halibut into biting

Brite Bite Slider Leaders $10.95

Brite Bite Leaders are 500 pound test, 36 inches long and have a 7.5 inch double skirt over a 16/0 Mustad circle hook. Always add fresh bait to circle hook!




Octo Squid Leaders have scent tubes and work great with spreader bars. Just add bait to hook and scent to scent tube. Fish these leaders 3 to 4 feet off bottom for best results

Tubing Color
$3.50 for 3 feet

UV & Glow tubing for fishing is great for putting over monofilament or cord used for leaders. It protects the leader as well as making it much brighter. It can also be used on the shank of hooks, like the image above.

If you use hoochies for salmon fishing, add a piece of tubing between the hooks to add color, provide stiffness and too protect the leader.

Halibut anglers love this tubing because it increases visibility to leaders allowing halibut, lingcod & other fish to see it better

Mustad Quality Hooks

4-pack 13/0 $3.50
4-pack 14/0 $4.00
3-pack 16/0 $4.75
3-pack JUMBO 20/0 circle hooks $9.99
5-pack $4.75
These are the very best halibut clips on the market! Formerly called McMahon, they are now Roscoe clips. Size 5, heavy duty for halibut and bottom fishing & other big game fish.

We sell these clips in bags of 5



3-pack large $5.50

3-pack medium $5.00

3-pack small $4.75

Size & Cost

Extra Small -- $8.99

Small --          $9.99

Medium -     $10.99

Large --        $12.99

Ball Bearing Corkscrew Swivels

These swivels are top quality ball bearing swivels


Ex-small -50 lb

Small - 65 lb

Med - 85 lb

Large - 100 lb






Crimp Sizes & prices
Aluminum Crimps         7 Sizes
1.5mm for 80 to 150 pound test
1.7mm for 125 to 150 pound test
2.0mm for 200 to 250 pound test
2.6mm for 400 to 600 pound test
2.8mm for 500 to 700 pound test
3.1mm for 600 to 800 pound test
3.3mm for 800 to 1,000 pound test
10-Pack $1.49 to $2.49
12 pack $2.50


3 pack $3.50

Un-Rigged 3-inch Squiddy Squids

These small little artificial squids look and fish great. Add them to your leader and either troll them for salmon, rockfish, lingcod, tuna or halibut or put them on a jig. You can also rig them with a short heavy mono leader and put them behind a crescent sinker and mooch or jig them. Halibut and all game fish love them.

Jig Skirt Colors
$5.00 each

Blue/White | Pink/Black | Clown | Purple/Black | Green/Yellow

For More Squids & Leaders



White Fighting Belt

For More Pt. Wilson Dart Jigs



Jig Leader Colors

$5.75 each

Z2 Jig Colors

Z2 Jigs $11.95 each

Z2 Squid Jigs have a 12 oz lead insert inside to allow the jig to get to the bottom Halibut, lingcod, and rockfish go crazy for these life-like jigs that look like a live squid. Use them with the jig leader to the left for best results. The jig leaders have glow or UV tubing over 500 pound test and each has a corkscrew swivel and 6/0 swivel on the end


For a larger selection of rods please visit

Sensi Flex 30/100


Sensi Flex 15/50



Sensi Flex Mighty Mite 30/130


Sensi Flex rods are premium rods custom designed by Whaler's Cove Lodge guide, John Beath. It offers a special blend of lightweight composites that won't break. The guides are upgraded black LRB guides trimmed in gold thread. The rear and foregrips are "Easy Grip" foam. The reel seat is aluminum on top & bottom rods & offers a custom "Easy Lock" nut to make it easy to secure your reel. The rod is brilliant royal blue. The top two rods are one piece 6-foot rods. 30-100 offers sensitive tip and power. 20-50 is a lingcod/rockfish rod. The Mighty Mite four foot rod is perfect for jigging, kids or anyone who wants leverage.

Jig Fishing Articles

Color Chart

How-to-Fish Pt. Wilson Jigs

$10.05 each

4 3/4 oz Point Wilson Dart Jig

 $8.75 plus shipping calculated at checkout 



$10.90 each

6 oz Point Wilson Dart Jig

 $9.45 plus shipping calculated at checkout  

Halibut, lingcod, rockfish and salmon love Point Wilson Dart Jigs. Use these jigs to catch halibut when nothing else works.
$11.65 each

8 oz Point Wilson Dart Jig

 $9.95plus shipping calculated at checkout  

Fishing from a Kayak? These jigs work great from kayaks or any boat. Just send them to the bottom and gently jig until a halibut grabs then set hook